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Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos


Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos

Baked Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos

Crispy, spicy, hearty, satisfying, and tasty! Yes, please! I am talking about these delicious vegan Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos. Because who doesn’t love taquitos?! Did you ever make homemade taquitos? They are super easy to make actually and since I tried them for the first time a few months ago I am hooked. Taquitos are a great snack, just think about your favorite Netflix series and all these hearty taquitos in front of you. Perfect evening, right?

Chicken-Free recipe!

After a quick Google search for Buffalo Taquitos, I found about a million “Buffalo Chicken Taquitos”. Seriously, this isn’t very nice, especially since I have a pet chicken called ERNA. Yes, Erna is my rescue chicken and she is living with me for 10 months now. She is quite a character and pretty popular because her story was shared on “The Dodo”. My Instagram followers love her. If you want to see Erna in action, go and check out my highlighted Insta stories. Here is a picture of Erna:

Having said that, I really cannot imagine that someone would kill my sweetheart Erna just for the pleasure of eating a dish for a few minutes.

There are so many cruelty-free plant-based alternatives to meat which are healthy, protein-rich, and tasty. Like these Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos, for example. Once you try them you might change your mind. Erna would be very glad if other people would stop eating her friends.

Quick and Easy Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos

It took me only about half an hour to make these crispy Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos. This recipe is super easy to make and I bet you probably already have most (or all) ingredients at home. You’ll just need tortillas, chickpeas, a bell pepper, one onion, garlic, tomato sauce, hot sauce, and some spices. So if you are looking for a quick vegan dinner or snack, this easy recipe is perfect for you!

These Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos are:

  • Spicy
  • Flavorful
  • Hearty
  • Plant-based (Vegan)
  • Chicken-free (“Erna”-free)
  • Gluten-free
  • Crispy
  • Easy to make
  • A great comfort dish
  • Satisfying

Baked not deep fried

These vegan taquitos will turn out crispy even when you bake them in the oven. There is no need to deep fry them. I mean, you could deep fry them but I always get sick when I eat deep fried food so I prefer to bake my taquitos. The secret is to brush them with a little bit of oil (1 tbsp oil is enough for 10 taquitos) and bake them in the oven until they are golden brown and crispy!

Spicy Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos

Since I like spicy meals I often add chili powder to my savory dishes. Because every person has different taste buds though, it’s difficult to recommend the right amount of hot sauce and chili powder. 3 tbsp of hot sauce and a pinch of chili powder will add a pleasant spiciness, at least to my taste buds.

If you dislike spicy meals you better leave out the chili powder completely and just add 1 tbsp (or even less) of hot sauce. And if you are like my boyfriend, who slathers his food in chili powder, I would recommend adding more hot sauce and more chili powder until you are happy with the spiciness.


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